About Us

In Pediatrics, on an almost daily basis, one encounters countless rashes and dermatological conditions some associated with underlying medical conditions.  Most are manageable in the office others require referral to a Dermatologist for further evaluation and treatment.  The challenge is knowing which and when is referral indicated.  Over time, I developed a special interest in skin and dermatological medicine.  After 30 years of experience, I was excited to discover I am able to extend my love of skin and dermatology to Aesthetic medicine.  

Like many, my initial impression of medical aesthetics was Botox, face lifts and people trying to alter their appearance or trying to maintain or regain their youthful appearance.  Some of this is true but personally struggling with acne, hyperpigmentation, ingrown hairs and trying all types of medical and homeopathic treatments with minimal, short lived or no results, I know people have more serious skin concerns that can affect every area of their lives.  It may sound superficial, but we all know our outward appearance can affect our self-esteem and confidence.

Through my study of Aesthetic medicine, I was excited and pleased to find I could offer services to an expanded patient population that are effective, have long term results with minimal downtime and discomfort.   All of this prompted me to start my own Medical Aesthetic practice – New Seasons Medical Aesthetics.  “It’s a New Season!  It’s a New Day!”

New Seasons Medical Aesthetics Physician - Gwen Gibson, MD

BS Biology 1978-1982 – New Mexico State University

Doctorate 1982-1986 – University of Oklahoma College of Medicine

Pediatric residency 1986-1989 – University College of Medicine –Tulsa

1989 – 2008 Clinical, Assistant, Associate Professor – OU College of Medicine –Tulsa

2008-2012 Private Practice – Utica Park Clinic – Tulsa

2012- present– Pediatric Urgent Care – Milestones Pediatrics – Tulsa

09/2015 – Aesthetic Medicine training – New Orleans, LA

12/2015 – Laser (IPL) training – Tulsa

01/2016 - Aesthetic Medicine training- Dallas, TX